Wednesday, October 3, 2012


29 September 2012


Taman Melawati is just 20 minutes drive from my latest rent in Bandar Baru Selayang. Who would expect that a gorgeous looking panorama of KL can be very near to your city life, and yet, it’s a bit excruciating to reach the top. Well, no pain, no gain. Nonetheless, the view on top the ridge was simply breathtaking.

Location statistic:
Taman Melawati, Selangor
Near MRR2/ Entrance via Kampung Genting Klang
Coordinates and map
averaging 200 feet high/16 km
Water Source
Recreation Park

The day trip event  was quite enjoyable and I was singing my heart out loud. Partly due to the height I have to endure on the trail, and partly the gang was an awesome lot. After pre-discussion in the facebook, we decide to have a pot luck. Still in the raya mood, you can find rending, nasi himpit, pulut panggang in the menu as well.

Starting on, I had my own stretching as we were way past the expected departure time. The trail was dry and rocky, and it is advisable to wear a proper boots that grips like a lizard. Personally, a hiking stick wasn’t very helpful unless you really need it because the trail wasn’t too steep and the amount of rock climbing will make the stick become a troublesome. And, please keep yourself an isotonic drink or a packet or two of sneakers (high in calories) in your bag well kept in your luggage. We do not want the food fell into the ridge out within reach, don’t we?

This is where it begins…

I’ve never been for a rock climbing before, and Bukit Tabur seems a very good sneak peek of rock climbing, and I guess rock climbing isn’t really my plate of cheesecake. Yet, it is good enough for me. One of the crucial attributes of a rock climber is a very strong biceps and calves. Being lighter is surely a bonus in rock climbing, which is not really my strong specialty.

Our lot reached the top around ½ past noon, and we stick around until Zohor as I still remember the call for azan while walking about the place. It was rather miraculous as the masjid was quite a distance from where we are sitting. The rocky trail wasn’t really for a weak heart, specially a “gayat” one like me, but I was fortunate to be assisted by 2 juniors in the group that constantly giving me motivational words. Thanks again. Apart from that, the bonsai trees was an apple to our tired eyes. We can actually see the sky blue roof tops of UIAM buildings downwards and whole Gombak up until KLCC, though it was a bit hazy. We were constantly being tricked by “false” peaks, as the terrain was like a dragon back. No wonder it got that nick name. It’s really like going up and down a dragon back. We walked until we reached to the last peak that outlook the Batu Caves temple from a very sharp ridge. Anyway, we turned back to the junction where eventually we’ll have to pass going back.

Then we celebrated yet another Aidilfitri on top of Bukit Tabur. We changed to our so-called baju raya and took some amazing shots. After satisfying ourselves, we pack up and get ready to head back down. The trek going back was through a orchard belonging to the kampong folks. They seems doesn’t mind the people going on and off the trail. During break, the place can be a bit crammy. Reaching down, I was thinking about reliving my boring working life in the absurdly air-conditioned office. I was hoping to meet Bukit Tabur again soon.

created by: Ilzam Wahyu / Ayu / Kirana Sara